With Phase 1 of construction complete, Hillsboro Burros will enter campus off of Glen Echo road

Community letter from Dr. Shuler Pelham sent to Hillsboro IB World School families on July 29, 2019


Map of new traffic pattern that began July 29, 2019 of the Hillsboro High School Campus.

July 29, 2019

Dear Hillsboro Families,

It is hard to believe that we are moving into our new Tower and about to start a new school year. In one short year we have watched the transformation of our campus into something new and beautiful. We have now started Phase 2 of our construction project and this means more changes to our traffic and parking plan. The following changes go into effect beginning Monday, July 29th and will be in place for the entire school year.

  • The construction entrance will shift to the Richard Jones Rd. entrance. This entrance and the southern end of our campus is now off limits to all students, staff, and visitors.
  • All car rider traffic must enter off of the new Glen Echo Rd. entrance. Car riders will drive a loop around the Annex building and exit back on to Glen Echo Rd. There will be no left turns on exit, only straight onto Benham Rd. or right turn onto Glen Echo Rd.
  • Car riders will be able to drop off or pick up in areas on the loop that have sidewalk. No drop off or pickup is allowed adjacent to fences or areas with guard rails. This is a safety issue and will be strictly enforced.
  • Student who are driving to school must also enter off of the Glen Echo Rd. entrance. Students will park in the large lot immediately on the north side of the campus after turning in the Glen Echo Rd entrance. When this lot fills, students may park in the tennis courts parking lot further down the car rider loop. Students are only allowed to park in the designated parking lots. The spaces adjacent to the Annex building are reserved for faculty and staff.
  • MNPS yellow buses will continue to enter, drop off/pick up, and exit on the loop on the front of the school from the Hillsboro Rd. southern entrance.
  • The lot in the front of the school in the loop is now staff parking only. No students or car riders should enter the school from this entrance.
  • The area next to the new front entrance by the gym at the traffic light is employee parking only.
  • We have a new loop on the north side of the campus that is accessed at the light off of Hillsboro Rd. for accessible buses with specialized ramps for wheelchairs, and for parents of students who have accessibility needs. This area is not for general pickup and drop off, but only for accessible buses and parents of students with accessibility needs.

We will have staff stationed around the campus to assist with traffic. Please follow their directions.

We are expecting that this change will create significant backups and delays for everyone. We strongly encourage families to explore other options for getting to school other than driving a car onto campus. Other options to consider include: School bus, MTA bus, car-pooling, and/or dropping off a block away and walking. We ask that, when considering alternate plans, be respectful of our neighbors and area businesses.