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Recent Sports Scores
  • Friday, September 6

    Football - Varisty

    Hillsboro High School 14 - Gallatin * 49

  • Thursday, September 5

    Soccer - Girls

    Hillsboro High School 1 - Fairview (Var. Tour) 4

  • Thursday, September 5

    Volleyball - Varsity

    Hillsboro High School 3 sets - Cane Ridge 0 sets

Upcoming Games
Volleyball - Varsity vs. Nolensville
Mon, Sep 16 4:30 / 5:30Away
Volleyball - Varsity vs. Overton
Tue, Sep 17 3:30 / 4:30Home
Soccer - Girls vs. Overton
Tue, Sep 17 5:30 VAway
Football - Varisty vs. Glencliff * Homecoming
Fri, Sep 20 7:00 pmFather Ryan
Maurice Hill, a Philadelphia gunman with a long criminal history, wounded six police officers that led to a seven hour standoff
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