The perfect daily grind, music and coffee set the tone for a early end of the week

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Walking on the way to lunch Thursday, inviting sounds of music could in the halls and were as different as the Burro Brew is from the Hillsboro cafeteria. The combination of pop string orchestra music and coffee was the perfect way to end a week of the daily grind.

Many are not aware that Hillsboro has a classical strings program and the performance today was a wonderful way to introduce the program to teens. The Burro Brew hosted the Hillsboro String Chamber Orchestra playing music for students and staff during their lunch.

They entertained the staff and students with music such as Starwars, Coldplay and many more! It was definitely music to your ears to hear string musicians playing Coldplay!  The combination of popular music combined with traditional orchestra instruments was really interesting.

Ms. Allsion Biederman without question brought us one of the best Hillsboro Marching Bands in several years, and it is no surprise her orchestra is just is strong, so it was a nice change for students and staff to see talent from students whom we don’t usually get to see.

The next unique performance music lovers can catch is the pit orchestra that will play for the Hillsboro Players performance of Into the Woods.