Donut Den Food Review

Donut Den

3900 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville TN 37215


On Wednesday August 29, 2018 my journalism class and I walked over to Donut Den from Hillsboro High School to conduct an anonyms review. As we approached the facility I noticed the beautiful lit up sign right before you enter with a clear visual of the inside through the tall windows. Upon going inside I really encountered all the history that comes with the building considering its been there since 1973. There was only two workers working in the front and they actually weren’t that welcoming to me, but as we ordered they were more opening to us being  there. The theme of the building was red, black ,and white and really gave you an 80’s retro type feeling which was really cool. In my opinion the donuts presented  an amazing aroma and were sweet, but would of been even better if they were served warm and not room temperature. Just because it was a donut place didn’t mean  there wasn’t a variety to choose from. By the way I would recommend the blue berry donut wholes with milk which might be good for breakfast or an afterschool snack. Just remember Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts aren’t the only good donut places and that you should you always be open to supporting your local businesses.