Women You Should Know: Ginger De Martinez

I feel like I need to speak up for those who are not spoken for.

— Dr. Ginger Martinez

When you look back over your life, hopefully, you will be able to think fondly of someone who has impacted or inspired you in a positive way. It might be a friend, a teacher, a mentor or a mother. As a reporter and student of Hillsboro High School, I’ve been blessed to know one such inspirational person.

Ginger De Martinez is my 11th-grade Spanish teacher and has inspired me with her kind, generous spirit. Mrs. Martinez was born and raised in Tennessee. In high school, she fell in love with the Spanish language, so she traveled to Costa Rica and loved being more emersed in the culture.

“Costa Rica one hundred percent inspired me, also during my time there I felt a calling on my life to dedicate my life to missions, and serving those who are less fortunate than myself, ” stated Mrs. Martinez.

After high school, De Martinez enrolled in Union University in Jackson Tennessee where one of her majors was Spanish. During college, she traveled to Spain, Costa Rica, and Peru. Mrs. De Martinez’s faith was solidified in Peru because of her experience with God. After college, she moved to Pasadena California, and taught and competed in ballroom dance. She was reminded of her calling to serve the less fortunate in California.

She stated, ” I feel like I need to speak up for those who are not spoken for.”

So, she signed up for the Peace Corp and was sent to El Salvador. During her time with the Peace Corp in El Salvador she was a rural health and sanitation volunteer.  She taught a women’s health class, created a health committee, and started a trash service.

Some of her challenges during her stay in El Salvador was getting people in that community on board with her ideas because of her gender, and others questioning her faith because she did not act or dress like them. There she met her husband Rammfis and stayed in El Salvador. During her time there she helped her husband with his production company. She also would volunteer around the community. In El Salvador, she gave birth to her two child and left her professional life behind to become a stay-at-home mom.

In 2015, Mrs. De Martinez, and her husband decided to move back to Tennessee, due to the increasing violence in El Salvador.  Soon after moving back to the states, she started teaching Spanish and loved it. She misses El Salvador, but enjoys teaching Spanish very much. Looking back she wished she did not move back to the United States because of all the good things in El Salvador.

Ginger De Martinez also started a Spanish speaking online classes for kids and adults, via Zoom.

Every time I’m around Mrs. De Martinez I feel so safe, important and loved. She takes pride in teaching and making sure everyone is heard. I will remember Ginger. De Martinez’s kind hearted spirt for many years to come. She was been such an inspiration in these 2 short years I have known her.