Sliding to the Olympics: Bobsledding

Bobsledding to keep it short is a group of 2 to 4 riding in a bobsled, trying to get the fastest time down a steep and loopy hill. Especially as a winter sport. Bobsledding is a top 5 most watched event in the winter Olympics. Bobsledding, also called bobsleighing which the sport is the sliding down an ice-covered natural or artificial incline on a four-runner sled, called a, bobsleigh, or bob.

In the 1870s is when bobsledding was first played. Bobsledding is just not a mile of straight, level road, either — a mile that’s downhill and full of dramatic curves. That’s what being in a bobsled is like. Drivers and crew slide down a hill on a track, or run, that’s full of twists and turns.  A luge race starts when a single slider, who rides feet-first, pushes off from two bars.

In skeleton races, a rider pushes his skeleton, or toboggan, down the starting section, then sides the rest of the way down the track headfirst. The winner of a Bobsleigh race is the team that reaches the finish line first. At the Olympics, races are calculated over an aggregate of four separate runs known as “heats”.

Race times are clocked in hundredths of seconds. According to the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation, a four-man bobsled can travel up to 93 mph and a  can go as fast as 75 mph. Bobsledding has evolved through the years this is a video to show how it has evolved.