Switching the Discipline Mind from punishment to restorative.

Switching the Discipline Mind from punishment to restorative.

Hillsboro’s unique C.O.R.E. counsel recently participated in a two day retreat with other schools in order to improve their group leading skills and learn more about Restorative Justice.

September 12th and 13th, the Hillsboro C.O.R.E. Team met with the Peace Team from Glencliff and shared a bus to Horton Haven Christian Camp in Lewisburg, Tennessee to work on team building.

The C.O.R.E. team is advised by two of Hillsboro’s favorite teachers: Ellen Montgomery and Amy Cate.

The CORE and Peace Team are group of students that follow and promote Restorative Student Practices. The team also works with Oasis Center,  where they learn how to mitigate conflict in the school.  The Practices are important to building a better social culture at schools, but the same skills, our team found, were beneficial to us personally.

At the camp, we focused on a lot of games that helped with team bonding, building, and growth. We also learned about trusting in each other and making new friendships.

The use of restorative practices has the potential to:

    • reduce crime, violence and bullying
    • improve human behavior
    • strengthen civil society
    • provide effective leadership
    • restore relationships
    • repair harm

An obstacle courses was one of the activities held: It included walking on a wire, getting ten people to stand on a stand, balancing a board, and getting a marble to the end of the sidewalk. Other activities included zip-lining, rock climbing, and canoeing.

The Restorative Student Practice is more available in Nashville schools, however, other counties such as Wilson, Maury and Cheathum are visiting Nashville programs to learn how to implement RSP and CORE at their school.

This is a great opportunity for us to share what we have learned with other students. Having other schools contact us about the program is a positive for our team. Being able to share what we know with other schools helps us to take it more seriously.