TSSAA State Cross Country crowned 2018 Champions

Rights Reserved-Hillsboro Globe; Associated Press Mike Strasinger
TSSAA Cross Country Championships 2018

Early in November both the top cross country runners in the state meet at 3,180 acres of forest and fields the makes up the most iconic course that acts as the Tennessee State Secondary Athletic Associations course for determining a champion in Small Class and Large Class Division I and II for high school.

Stratford High School Cross Country runners at the TSSAA 2018 Cross Country Championship Rights Reserved-Hillsboro Globe; Photographer Mike Strasinger; TSSAA Cross Country Championships 2018

Several mid-state cross country athletes qualified for the 2018 state championship.

Notable Metro Nashville Public Schools had several runners who qualified to run on Saturday’s final event: They are:


14) Saddie Frogge : East Nashville; 21:57.85


11) Miles Ally : Martin Luther King 16:13.02

65) Time Yuyisunge : Stratford; 19:28.21

74) Silly Rivera-Lopez : Stratford; 19:39.16

Large Class Division I Girls

  1. Jenna Hutchins : Science Hill; 17:37.01
  2. Landry Wilcox : Cookeville; 18:05.57
  3. Leigh Walters : Fred J. Page; 18:25.01

Small Class Division I Girls

  1. Loral Wynn : Dreaden; 19:37.02
  2. Mattie Parkert : Signal Mountain; 19:53.66
  3. Tara Jeessen : Signal Mountain; 20:34.77

Large Class Division I Boys 

  1. Jake Renfrew : Knoxville Catholic; 15:25.58
  2. David Alhmeyer : Beech; 15:40.85
  3. Cole Bullock : Red Bank; 15:44.44

Small Class Division I Boys

  1. Emerson Fulton : Gatlinburg-Pittman; 16:41.02
  2. Porter Bradley : US Johnson City; 16:42;47
  3. Alex Ponce : Meryl Hyde; 16:45.52

The Iroquois Steeplechase course at Nashville’s Percy Warner Park is an historic track and the long-time home of the TSSAA State Cross Country Championships.