On winning the Hendersonville Golden Invitational

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On winning the Hendersonville Golden Invitational

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On September 16, 2017, the Hillsboro High School Marching Band won Grand Champion in small division and 1st in horns  at the Hendersonville Golden Invitational hosted by Hendersonville High School. Competing among 12 bands from Middle Tennessee, the Hillsboro High School Marching Band won the ‘Golden Eagle’ for the year and get to defend their championship next year. The Hillsboro Globe spoke to Mrs. Allison Biederman about the win.

Hillsboro Globe(HG): What was your reaction to winning Grand Champion at the Henderson Golden Invitational?

Biederman(B): “I was very surprised. It was really unexpected, and I was totally taken aback.”

HG: What do you think it meant for the band?

B:  “I think it meant a lot. They were really excited. A lot of the seniors were crying. They felt they had put in so much, and it’s true. We had started on July 17th, rehearsing in the hot sun and practicing all the time. I think they felt validated and excited that their hard work lead to success.”

HG: What is happening now, after your win at the Henderson Invitational?

B: “I was worried that some of the attitudes might be that we don’t have to work as hard now that we won, but I think we all agree that we can do a lot better. Even though we happened to place first, it was not anywhere near our full potential for what we can do, and what we can achieve. So we have still been working to improve, and there’s a lot of improvements to be made. Even though we placed first, the judges still had a lot to say about things that needed to be better. Fixes that needed to be made, all across the board. In music, in marching. So, there’s still a lot to be fixed.”

HG: How do you feel as this being your first year as the marching band director?

B: “I feel energized. I think that the enthusiasm is there, and I think the students are starting to understand the level of work and commitment that it takes to be successful, or starting to understand. Now quite but starting to.”

In marching band, it takes a lot of work to be successful, and anything worth doing takes a lot of work. I think they’re starting to get that, so that’s exciting.”

— Allison Biederman

HG: Can you say a few words on the show, Dancing through the Decades?

B: “The leadership team and I came up with the show in May, and we thought it would be a really good balance between…it being fun and exciting, but also having a competitive edge for the competitions. It is some serious music with the Jazz, and there’s a lot of musical elements we can highlight, but it’s also fun to listen to.”

I knew we wanted a fun show, but I didn’t want to go too far in the direction of just pure fluff, without any meat in the music, so I think we struck a good balance in between.”

— Allison Biederman

This weekend, the marching band will be competing in the Trousdale County Marching Competition in Hartsville, Tennessee. On October 21, 2017, the marching band will also be competing at Glencliff high school for the Glencliff Colt Classic, their last competition.

If interested in attending either contest to support the Hillsboro Marching Band:

Trousdale County

262 McMurry Blvd W
Hartsville, TN 37074-1499
Phone: (615) 374-2201

Glencliff High School

160 Antioch Pike

Nashville, TN 37211

Phone: +1 (615) 333-5070