Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Hello! I’m Margo Jenkins, and this is Photo of the Day column. Everday you will get to see a world class photo from around the world. These photos can be of the past and the present, showing our natural environment and social environment.

The Hillsboro Globe is pleased to bring you this curated slideshow that introduces our audience to Associated Press photos and their photographers. Each weekday a new photo is published and a link to learn more about that photo if the reader chooses to do so.

We hope you enjoy these photos.

Black People are Disproportionately Denied Aid
Journey to America
Pain is Still Prominent
Is The Pope Entertained?
All Art is Unique
Kentucky Derby Highlights
Shortstop Goes Up for An Out
Power protests
Road Trip into the Sun
Joint Military Drill Between South Korea and the United States
Tarawih Prayer Kicks Off Ramadan
March 27, 2023, Mass Shooting Aftermath
Carnival float goes up in Flames
Israeli Activists dressed as The Handmaid’s Tale in protest
Beautiful parks in Germany
Ahhh! The Oscars are too hot!!
Do Vehicles Have Super Speed These Days?
Palestinians Protest Against Israeli Military Raids
Did You Hear About a Big Storm
Who Says Grounds Keepers Don’t Have a Cool Job
Surprise Visit from the President
One-Year Anniversary of Russia Invading Ukraine
What do you do After Tiring out an Alligator?
The Carnival Needs Fancy Shoes
Crackdown on Child Marriages is Tearing Families Apart In India
Remember It’s a New Year!
Ukranian Refugees Find a Home in the Circus
Full Moon Means It’s Time for a Dip
Lighthouse seen through the smoke
Florence Pugh Serves it up at the Critics’ Circle Film Awards
Even Penguins have Valentines
Puren, Chile Wildfires
Let’s Play Checkers on the Catwalk
Girl With a Pearl Earring Come To Life!
It’s Time to Get Your Baby Jesus Fixed
Ancient Archery Traditions Continue in India
Powerful Earthquake Kills many in Southeast Turkey and Syria
Afghan woman Practices Muay Tha
Compelling Image Captured at Carnival

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