Hillsboro IB World High school celebrates African American History month with song and spoken word

It’s been too hard living, but I’m afraid to die/ ‘Cause I don’t know what’s up there, beyond the sky/  It’s been a long, a long time coming / But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will”

— Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke

Hillsboro IB World High School celebrated Black History Month with two days of performances by the Hillsboro Singers and other students who wanted to participate in a celebration with significant cultural importance.

In addition to the two performances, African Americans were recognized each morning through  inspirational quotes.

Black History Month is an annual, month-long celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history.

Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. Other countries around the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also devote a month to celebrating black history

Led by Choral advisor, Janelle Ganske, nearly 50 students worked in class and after school to present a program of reflection and celebration for the entire school population.

Students performed for a 45 minutes show that focused on traditional and culturally important African American song with a few easily recognized modern tunes.

Each performance was a moving tribute of song and spoken word that recognized historical  impact of contributions of African Americans through spirituals, modern performers and praise hymns.

There have been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long / But now I think I’m able to carry on / It’s been a long, a long time coming / But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it wil”

— Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke

The performing students sang these songs:


Down to the river to pray –  transcribed by  native Nashvillian, , George H. Allan and published  in the Slave Songbook of 1867

Jordan’s Angels  Gospel Spiritual by Rollo Dilworth

How Great Thou Art – Hymn by Carl Boeburg

Rights Reserved-Hillsboro Globe; Associated Press Jarred Ross, Brandon Martinez
2019 Black History Month; Caleb Ellis performed his original a spoken word poem, “My Black Is” February 2019. (photo Jarred Ross)


(You Make me Feel like a )Natural Woman – Co-written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King; popularized by Aretha Franklin

Fever – Co-written by Eddie Cooley‎; ‎John Davenport (pseudonym for Otis Blackwell; Original recording Little Willie John

At Last – Co-written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren; original recording the Glenn Miller Band; popularized by Etta James


Change is Gonna Come  – Written and performed by Sam Cooke

My Black Is – Spoken word written and performed by senior, Caleb Ellis

Find the Cost of Freedom – written by Stephen Stills and originally performed by David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash

Heaven Help Us All – Written by Ron Miller; originally performed by Stevie Wonder


Total Praise – Gospel praise song written by Steven Smallwood

For Every Mountain – Written and originally performed by Kurt Carr

It Is Well – Hymn written by Horatio Stafford; music composed by Philip Bliss.

Better Is One Day (IF TIME)  – Praise song written and performed by matt Redmon

The Color Purple – From the musical, The Color Purple; Based on novel of same name by Marsha Norman; music and lyrics by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis, and Stephen Bray.

Burro Down Burros! What you need to know about Coming Home Week.

On January, Monday the 14th, through Friday the 18th, Hillsboro High School will be holding their annual Coming Home festivities. Coming Home is a tradition that reverses what we all know to be Homecoming.

The Coming Home celebrates a ‘coming home king’ instead of a ‘homecoming queen’. The 2019 Coming Home attendants are:

Freshman- Jordan Hamilton escorted by Aniya Steele

Sophomore- Eric Holt escorted by Eva Albert Adams

Junior- Duncan St. Clair escorted by Isabel Sanders

Seniors – Javari Henderson escorted byAtlantis Merrell; Malik Baker escorted by DeanaBucio; Prince Mugabo escorted byKennedy Musgrave

The week will be filled with dress up days which are listed below.


Monday: Millionaire Monday

Tuesday: Disney Day


Wednesday: Woke Up Like This Wednesday

Thursday: Flower Power Thursday

Friday: Squad Day

On January, Friday, the 18th, the Lady Burro’s Basketball team will kick off the night playing Overton at home. The game begins at 6:00 PM and the boys will immediately follow playing Overton as well. During the intermission between the girls and boys game, Hillsboro will honor the 2008 – 2009 Hillsboro state championship team. During halftime of the boys game, Coming Home presentations and the crowning of Coming Home King will take place.

At 8:00 PM, “Burro Down”, Hillsboro’s Coming Home dance will begin. It will go till 11:00 PM and the theme is “white out”.

Tickets will go on sale Monday for $10 a person. Make sure you get yours fast because they will sell out.

**dates and times for the dance have been verified

Come out and support your Burro Basketball teams and then head to the dance.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the Hillsboro Globe at [email protected].

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IBCP Extended Essay Symposium showcases year-long student projects

“Personally, I want to be a doctor and somebody else’s life will be in my hands. I have to cater to certain religious beliefs and realize the importance those can play medically. ”

— Faith Dixon, IBDP student at Hillsboro High School

On August 28 the  Extended Essay and Reflective Projects were presented in a symposium which took place at Hillsboro High School library. The Hillsboro Globe attended this event to learn more about these academies and the role they play in our school.

The seniors in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Career Programme showcased their research projects. This project is a two-year research project that the students began early in their junior year.

The students in IBDP students were tasked with writing a 4,000-word essay that falls within the IB groups. The IBCP students had to write either a 3,000 word essay or a 1,500-word essay with a visual. The subject matter or theme of this particular project asked researchers to focus on an ethical dilemma.

Faith Dixon, a senior in the IBCP academy constructed her project on the theme of Religious Roles in The Medical Field.  “Personally, I want to be a doctor and somebody else’s life will be in my hands. I have to cater to certain religious beliefs and realize the importance those can play medically.” This project is a current ethical problem and one she is passionate about.

When referencing the extended essay project, Nemain Morgan-Curtis stated, “The extended essay project is a way for us to get feedback on our projects. We then use the feedback to write our abstracts which are submitted to IB.” This is why the symposium is held every year.

Another student in the IBDP programs said, “The key to having a good project is picking something you’re passionate about.”(Maggie Morgan) This project is one that the students put a lot of hard work into and part of what motivated them is the passion.

Every day, IB students are pushed to be better and academically excel at Hillsboro. This symposium is just one of the ways Hillsboro High School engages it’s faculty and students with the larger community.

The Hillsboro Globe’s Class of 2019 Headquarters

Updates to Senior Moments

Deadlines, College Info, & More

8/27/18 Senior Moments Update


Senior News


The competition for our Burro Seniors to design their senior t-shirt has begun! Design submissions are due this Thursday, August 30, to the main office. Here are some guidelines:

  • Designs must include the graduation year “2019”
  • Design must be your own original, unpublished work and cannot include any 3rd-party copyrighted material (no corporate logos) nor any violent imagery or profanity
  • You can use one or two colors (HHS colors are GREEN and GOLD)
  • The main design can be on the back or front, plus a smaller design where a pocket would be

We need parents to sign up to make/purchase baked treats for our seniors and to help hand them out on September 7 as they come to vote for their favorite senior t-shirt design. Please click HERE to sign up! This is such a fun way to get to know our seniors!

Carey and Scott Morgan will host a Senior Parent Potluck at their home on Sunday, September 16 at 5pm. This is a great way to meet other senior parents as we all begin what will be a very exciting and busy year!  You can click HERE to RSVP for this fun event and to sign up for a dessert or side dish!  A reminder that this event is for parents and staff only (no students).

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to the senior meeting this past Monday.  For those who were not able to be there, you can click HERE for the information packet that was handed out.  This will give you most of the important dates and information for your student’s senior year.

This is a reminder that everyone, regardless of your income level, needs to complete the Fee Waiver Form.  MNPS will be covering all IB and AP testing fees again this year.  However, you will not be able to receive this benefit if you have not turned in your Fee Waiver Form.  You can click HERE if you need a copy of the form.

If you have any questions regarding Senior News, please feel free to contact either of your Senior Parent Reps: Carey Morgan, [email protected] or Merritt Rowe, [email protected]

Come on out to a great community event – The Burro Bash!

Plan to attend the Burro Bash on Sunday, August 12, 4:00-6:30 PM.

This is Hillsboro High School’s  annual back-to-school celebration for all families!

The Slider House and the PTSO are providing sliders and ice cold water, and families are asked to bring sides and desserts to share.

The event will take place in the front of the building.

This is always a happy reunion for the Burro family after the long summer break, and teachers, administration and parents are excited greet the Green Hills community to help kick off another amazing year at Hillsboro High!

Performances Sunday afternoon will include the awesome Burro Marching Band, Cheerleaders, Hillsboro Singers, Hillsboro Players, and a special performance by the Dad Band.

Lots of clubs will have information tables so that students can find a new activity to engage in this year. The Burro Bash is also a chance for HHS students to find out about extracurricular activities and to meet the sponsors of these clubs and sports.

Others will give us a taste of what’s to come this year in terms of keeping school spirit at a fever pitch!

Also, we will have FREE HAIRCUTS again from some of Nashville’s best stylists!

The event always showcases the wonderful musical talents of our students, who are invited to play a song on the Student Stage with the beloved Dad Band.

Students interested in performing at the Burro Bash should email Janelle Ganske at [email protected].

May 23rd the Hillsboro High Class of 2018 will cross the divide from student to graduate

Graduation is around the corner! Seniors are getting prepared for the big day!

The Hillsboro High School seniors graduate on May 23rd at Lipscomb University in the Allen Arena at 6:00pm.

If you want to attend the graduation you have to get a ticket from a senior. Tickets are required for this event and these can be picked up after May 17, 2018 in the Business Academy Office.

If you don’t have a ticket, then you won’t be able to get in, no exceptions. Teachers  not in graduation regalia will need their MNPS ID at the door.

Roughly 245 seniors from the class of 2018 have been waiting for this day since the last day of school in May 2017.

Each year and like college graduations, students will be presented for diploma certification according the student’s academy pathway. Every student graduating have worked within an academy following strict protocols that determines each student’s classes their sophomore through senior year.

The Graduation Coordinator and Academy Coach, Melissa Wrenne is excited to present this year’s graduating class of 2018. “I am honored to serve as graduation coordinator and to celebrate this very important moment in our students’ lives.”

Seniors have all worked really hard to get here and were so excited to graduate and start a new chapter in their lives! “All of us are going our separate ways to start our lives and see where our future takes us!” stated Brianna Baker, an honor student and volleyball athlete.

“Once we walk across that stage its our first step to starting our lives” says Baker. “Graduation is a huge deal because now we really are adults and have responsibilities to take care of.  This is also going to be the best 4 years of our lives! I’m so excited to start my journey after we graduate and see where my life takes me. I never imagined high school would go by this fast!”

High school has taught the graduating class to look inward our selves and ask ourselves, “What do we need to do to prepare ourselves for college, to be a community member and how to be prepared for a career for the rest of our lives?”

The senior class of 2018  is like family.

We’ve grown up with each other the past 4 years and now were all going to be doing different things in our lives. I loved every minute of being a Burro!

Cant wait to see what happens in with all those graduating in the future!

Prom was a huge success!

What an incredible prom! It was so good to see our students dressed up so nice having a good time, and also to see so many of our faculty and staff there to support them! Special thanks to Melissa Wrenne and Candace Ogilvie for coordinating this great event!

The Hillsboro Globe would love to publish your favorite photo from the evening and put it up in our gallery.

Send it to [email protected] or DM through our twitter or IG at hillsboroglobe

Tips for Studying for ACT, Duel Enrollment Exams and End of Course Tests

The ACT is a standardized test that all high school students are required to take in order to graduate. There are four parts to it, and you can choose to take the writing portion if you want to.

The four sections you are required to take are Math, Science, English, and Reading. The highest score you can get is a 36 and the lowest is a 1.

The night before the test you can prepare by going over your notes, study guides, and/or ACT Prep book. You should go to bed early enough to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep, so your brain is well rested.

To make things easier in the morning you can go ahead and pick out what you are going to wear, and what you’re going to eat for breakfast.

The morning of the ACT you should wake up and eat a good breakfast. Foods like fruit, protein, and vegetables. Pack a small bag for water and snacks you can eat during your break.

Bring your own pencils, paper, and calculator incase they don’t have any. You should try to get to your testing area early so you have time to prepare.

There is an ACT test at Hillsboro High School on Tuesday, March 20th. You must get there on time at 7:05, if you are late you will not be able to test.

The administrators will probably hold a test later so you can make it up if you miss it. The test will take around 3 hours, and the writing portion isn’t included.

Keep in mind there will be plenty of other opportunities to take this test at other places, so don’t stress too much if you don’t get your desired score. Come prepared on Tuesday, and do the best you can!

The perfect daily grind, music and coffee set the tone for a early end of the week

Walking on the way to lunch Thursday, inviting sounds of music could in the halls and were as different as the Burro Brew is from the Hillsboro cafeteria. The combination of pop string orchestra music and coffee was the perfect way to end a week of the daily grind.

Many are not aware that Hillsboro has a classical strings program and the performance today was a wonderful way to introduce the program to teens. The Burro Brew hosted the Hillsboro String Chamber Orchestra playing music for students and staff during their lunch.

They entertained the staff and students with music such as Starwars, Coldplay and many more! It was definitely music to your ears to hear string musicians playing Coldplay!  The combination of popular music combined with traditional orchestra instruments was really interesting.

Ms. Allsion Biederman without question brought us one of the best Hillsboro Marching Bands in several years, and it is no surprise her orchestra is just is strong, so it was a nice change for students and staff to see talent from students whom we don’t usually get to see.

The next unique performance music lovers can catch is the pit orchestra that will play for the Hillsboro Players performance of Into the Woods.

Useless, misused and overused phrases just released on the 2017 Banished Word List

DETROIT — What words, phrases or often used descriptives would make your list of “Banished words and Phrase from the English Language if you had the power to scratch those most irritating to you in 2017? There is such a list and is fun to take a look and those overused, misused, and generally useless words that plague our language.

What word or phrase would You banish from 2018 if you had the power? (presented in alpha order)

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

Northern Michigan’s Lake Superior State University on Sunday released its 43rd annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness . The tongue-in-cheek, non-binding list of 14 words or phrases comes from thousands of suggestions to the Sault Ste. Marie school.

This year’s list includes the following

“let me ask you this”        “tons”

”unpack”                            “dish”

”impactful”                        “drill down”

”nothing burger”              “Let that sink in”

and the top vote-getter, “fake news.”

The others are “pre-owned,” ”onboarding/offboarding,” ”hot water heater,” ”gig economy” and the Trumpian Twitter typo “covfefe.”

“It wasn’t as focused on politics in a very dirty sense,” he said. “Most of the nominations were well thought through … considering how the year was.”

As evidence, he points to “fake news,” which garnered between 500 and 600 votes. The phrase has been leveled against entirely fabricated reporting, stories that contain errors or inaccuracies, and those with a critical tone. It has even been wielded as a cudgel against entire news networks. It was also found to be the second most annoying word or phrase used by Americans in an annual Marist College poll, behind “whatever.”

“I think a lot of people know fake news when they see it. It can be propaganda, it can be satire,” Shibley said. “It’s used deliberately to paint a certain story or notion as not being true.”

Lake Superior State and Marist have company in tracking and trumpeting mass word usage.

Words that have been in use are also monitored.

“Youthquake,” defined as “a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people,” is Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year . Oxford lexicographers said there was a fivefold increase in use of the term — coined a half-century ago by then-Vogue editor Diana Vreeland — between 2016 and 2017. The word has been used to describe youth support for Britain’s Labour Party and the election of 30-something leaders in France and New Zealand.

Merriam-Webster’s 2017 word of the year is “feminism.” Lookups increased 70 percent over 2016 on Merriam-Webster.com and spiked several times after key events, such as the Women’s March on Washington in January.