Have a Holly Jolly Christmas! with The Hillsboro Singers

Nothing will bring out the Christmas spirit in a tired and over-worked student like well sung Christmas tunes. Recently, I had the privilege of attending the Christmas themed Hillsboro Singers Choir concert  held in the  Hillsboro High School auditorium.

I embarrassed to admit it, but I had underestimated the enormity of their performance.

I went thinking it would be a small concert and my friends would be pretty-good at singing. But, I was wrong, it was nothing like what I thought it would be and I left the concert so impressed.

The concert was unlike anything I have every experienced.  I guess I thought it would be like a band concert, with instruments like the strings to back up the choir.

Hillsboro Singers at the Holiday Performance 2018. photo credit: Brandon Martinez

However,  it solely focused on the just the vocalists in the choir.  Because the focus was only on the people singing, there was a lot of room for creativity and the stage really sent the tone and mood for anyone who came.

The Hillsboro Singers decorated the stage set and background with sparkling Christmas trees with  “presents underneath the Christmas tree.”

Arriving just before 6:00 gave me an opportunity to take in the setting before the Director Mrs. Ganske welcomed everyone to the show.

Hillsboro Singers at the Holiday Performance 2018. photo credit: Brandon Martinez

As quickly as she exited the stage, the lights went dim and Santa’s Coming to Town started to play.  The choir had everyone singing with by the end of the song.

I definitely did not expect that I would want to sing with the choir, but I sang right along with the rest of the packed house.

Songs such as, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, White Christmas, and Santa Baby were highlights.

One of the most memorable things that happened that night was when the choir sang Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas to the senior English teacher Mrs. Richardson.

It was truly a stunning night hearing all of everyone’s favorite Christmas tunes as well as seeing the dedication of these groups.

Hillsboro Singers at the Holiday Performance 2018. photo credit: Brandon Martinez

The Pops choir, the Chamber, Women’s, and Mixed Choir awed the audience throughout their wardrobe changes and dancing. The solo’s they offered as well as the duets were spot on.

The profits made from the ticket sales are going to benefit the future of choir classes. Future performances are planned for the spring and the Hillsboro Globe highly recommends that you not miss the next performance.

Get Familiar: Rico Nasty, JP, and Noname

Editors Note: Our music reviewer, DeShaun Ellis reviews a variety of genres of music. Every reader has his or her own personal tastes in music. We place the Parent Advisory on articles where there may be a chance of offending someone. Thank you for reading the Hillsboro Globe.

Traditionally in rap music, women have been overlooked, even though female rappers some of the best rappers in the history of rap have been women. Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, and Missy Elliot are just a few female rappers who have raised the bar in this genre of music.

In our contemporary age, artists such as Dej Loaf, Young MA, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B are current char toppers with multiple hits.

But guess what? This article isn’t about them! Today the focus will be on three amazing female rappers: Rico Nasty, JP (who’s name is very explicit so I’m going to abbreviate it throughout this article), and Noname. They all recently released albums and it is a perfect time to go in depth about all three of them.

Rico Nasty

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Rico Nasty is a rapper from New York City. I first found out about her when she released Sugar Trap 2, but I didn’t listen to it because for some reason I thought she was Princess Nokia and I didn’t like 1992. Then, I saw comedian Zack Fox tweeting very favorable reviews of her most recent project, Nasty, and I realized the dumb mistake I had made.

Boy, this tape is on fire. It is real, punch-somebody-in their face, music.

Rico emits so much energy in her music it’s hard to sit still when you listen to it. Her voice is so raspy it adds another level of grime to the music that already has so much grime in it. Rico’s music is so vulgar I love it, I never realized how many nasty and brash things could be said in two minutes and thirty seconds.

This isn’t “easy listening” music. This is what you listen to when you need to get motivated to get something done. It doesn’t matter the task. Whether you are going to the gym, hyping yourself up to pitch a business proposition, or trying to complete homework, this is get-it-done music. I’m listening to Nasty as I’m writing this and literally every song on this album is great, but if I had to choose the best they’d be: [Explicit] I’m Nasty, Trust Issues, Pressing Me, and Rage.

JPSee the source image

I discovered JP’s music through video at an underground rap scene in Baltimore. Her music is also very vulgar, but it has a more melodic side to it. Unlike Rico,  JP’s music is based around the flow of her music. It is akin to using applesauce to help swallow harsh  medicine.

She just recently released her album JP3 and it’s great. The beat choice, the features, and her subject matter just make this album a very easy album to get into. It’s perfectly timed at thirty minutes so you don’t feel like it’s a chore to listen to the album.

While listening to this album you’ll definitely be nodding your head the entire time because her flow is so smooth. State of the Union is the perfect example of this. The beat is very chill and melodic and she raps very vulgar lyrics but you don’t even realize. I definitely recommend this album, the best songs are: Long Way Home (Oh my god Gangsta Boo’s feature on Long Way Home is so good. She really makes you feel like you’re a little mollusk and she’s a giant. It’s Amazing.), I Just Want It, and Ocean Floor.


See the source image

Now Noname is an entirely different artist from Rico and JP. Most people have been introduced to her through Chance The Rapper’s tape Acid Rap on his song Lost.

At that time, her stage name was Noname Gypsy. She recently changed her name when she learned about the racial connotations behind it.

Nonane is one of the best rappers out period, male or female. Her track Telephone, is the first track I heard and it revolutionized the context of how I listen to her. I reviewed that album two years ago you can read it here.)

Nonane’s rapping skills are so out of this world and  you her  poetic background is evident. The rhymes are so effortless.

Also, Nonane’s the beat choices are best described as “wow”.

They remind me of a jazz club and Noname is the band leader conducting the players with her voice. Everything sounds calculated, but not to the point of it sounding robotic. The features all show up too. Ravyn Lenae, Saba, and Phoelix all bring the heat and it adds more fire to an already fire track.

These three rappers are going to be here for a very long time so if you weren’t familiar at the beginning of this article now you can act like you were, and look cool to you friends.

Influencer Conan Gray defines “Generation Why”

Conan Gray is a half Irish-half Japanese  youtube.com social media influencer who has a large following for his commentary on lifestyles and music. His commentary as an influencer who focuses less on drama, unlike other media influencers,  and rather concentrates more on a optimistic self-awareness. His music is not formulaic and or trendy, yet it is definitely self-aware of the selfish trends of his generation.

A social media influencer is a writer and/or videographer who is someone who carries influence over others because he or she had earned a following because of his or her credibility on a particular subject. Gray exercises his influence less as a “look at me” comment of his own opinions and he focuses on the need to be aware of how selfish many influencers can be.

A social media influencer is someone who wields that influence through platforms such as Instagram or Youtube. The form of influence can vary and no two influencers are the same.

In addition to his regular posts on Instagram and YouTube, Conan Gray recently released two songs, Idle Town and Grow, which earned over ten million views on youtube.   Gray’s third release,  “Generation Why” is due out on an EP soon and is highly anticipated.

The term “generation why” is a play on a term once used to describe a generation born between 1975-1985 who were fondly referred to as “Generation Y”.

The Generation Why demographic is less associated with Millennials or Yuppies and is more associated with a group of 20-somethings who eat avocado toast and are more self-centered than their predecessors.

The song explores how the media portrays this selfish group of young business professionals who live without any clear image or objectives as to about what they want out of life.

Talk about how fast we grew And all the big dreams that we won’t pursue”

— Conan Gray

One of the characteristics of the Generation Why most commonly used to describe this group of young upper class segments of society is their seemingly inability to be self-sufficient. His lines in the chorus are harsh but have the ring of truthful description.

‘Cause we are the helpless, selfish, one of a kind
Millennium kids, that all wanna die
Walking in the street with no light inside our eyes
We are the worthless, cursed with too much time
We get into trouble and lose our minds

Gray aptly connects the Yuppies of 30 years ago who were highly criticized for their inability to be caring of anything outside of their immediate surroundings, he also describes those of privilege of today.

Gray’s previous works have had a nostalgic feel, and “Generation Why”  is a well produced track that off the same nostalgic,  quiet quality of Gray’s voice. Helen Ehrlich describes his voice as “shockingly powerful, yet lullaby-like quality. With beautiful lyrics, a talent for making covers his own, and strong vocals; Conan Gray is remarkable.”

His lyrics are deeply personal. He shares insight as to what it means to be a teen who chooses to enjoy the simplicity of life His covers will make you com.

From his youtube posts to his music, creates an atmosphere that fails to focus on himself as the “money-maker” as so many other young social media influencers so. Check out his work on YouTube at ConanGray



Tyler, the Creator just might surprise those who give him a serious listen

Tyler, The Creator (Tyler Gregory Okonma) is a powerhouse of talents that include; Producer of his tv show The Jellies! And starring in Loiter Squad, Director of almost all of his music videos, clothes designer of his brand Golf Wang, shoe designer of Golf le FLEUR* in collaboration with converse and leader of Odd Future and music producer of one Mixtape and four albums

Tyler, The Creator album cover for his album “Wolf”

Tyler, The Creator has directed his own animated television show known as The Jellies!, The show was about a dysfunctional family that go on a different adventure each episode although it received average reviews, personally I enjoyed the nine-episode show and if I were to rate it I would give it a 7.4/10 instead of the 6.8/10 IMBd rated it.

Tyler has not only produced The Jellies! But also has starred in Loiter Squad a sketch-comedy show that starred Tyler himself as himself and other personalities  this show had an average of 5/10 rating

Tyler’s brand Golf sells clothing and accessories that are all designed by Tyler himself. Golf Wang was founded in 2011 by (you guessed it) Tyler. Tyler has really done so much with the brand, he hosted a fashion show like no other in 2016 by having a half pipe in the middle of the show where models would be able to ride a bicycle or skateboard during the show and this fashion show received a lot of  praise due to how unique the experience was as opposed to other fashion show. Tyler told vogue “I’ve never been to a fashion show, hopefully it’s different from the other fashion shows” and Tyler did not disappoint anyone he had many celebrities at his event such as Kanye West, Cole Sprouse and Kendall Jenner just to name a few. Tyler also gave everyone a pair of his shoes after the show had ended.Rights Reserved-Hillsboro Globe Strasinger, Susan

Golf le FLEUR* is Tyler’s shoe line in collaboration with converse. Tyler designs most if not all of his shoes, that drop once almost every season. His shoes are a major success because they always sell out quick on the converse website or on www.golfwang.com .

Tyler is the leader of a rap group called Odd Future, Odd Future was started by Tyler in 2007. Odd Future released 2 mixtapes, 1 album and a compilation of 12 song. Odd Future hasn’t done much these past years and has remained in silence for an unknown reason.

As mentioned earlier,  he has directed  7 music videos himself out of 8 music videos.

Please note that Tyler’s works contain Parental Advisories due to language and subject matter.

His Music – 

Tyler was only seventeen when he released Bastard on December 25, 2009.

A track that stood out right from the start is the first song on Bastard.  It sums up what the listener will hear for  56 minutes.

It is a gloomy, angry track offering an explanation that his music is not for everyone.  He raps on sensitive topics such as suicide and rape. However, the level of emotion in his work takes away any gratuitous references.

Every piano note and  every word sung as if it were going to be his last song sung.

It is genuine and recommended for a first experience with Tyler.

Despite cotroveresy, this mixtape was ranked number 32 on Pitchfork’s list of top 50 albums in 2010.

This mixtape received some positive feedback as well as criticism. The criticisms surround his subject manner and his use of homophobic,  insensitive homophobic language as well as talking about rape in a vulgar manner.

Two years after the release of Bastard, Tyler released Goblin and signed a record deal with XL Recording. This album was not far off of his previous body of work, he continued to use sensitive topics in his music.

Wolf would be Tyler’s second album to be released to the public and of the three releases, this is by far his best work.  On this release, Tyler address a new subject matter, the drug industry.

Songs such as 48, where he raps about the dangers of the drug industry, also comment on the fight to keep one’s freedom in the face of addiction.

“Answer”  this song is sad, almost depressive because Tyler allows the listener to peak into his mind.  Here, the subject of his dad, their disagreements, and his raw emotion of missing his dad are very sympathetic and empathetic subjects. He sings, “because when I call I hope you pick up your phone I’d like to talk to you, ” along with the contradictory lyric “so you not being near *** fire started my damn career” Tyler’s lyrics clarify that though he misses growing up with father, it is the absence of his father that brings out the emotional quality of his work of which Tyler is known.

This album is sonically beautiful  from start to finish.  Where This Flower Blooms it is Tyler telling the listener to do whatever you want without having anyone hold you back because he himself has been doubted and now he’s successful because he didn’t let anyone hold him back.

In conclusion, Tyler, The Creator is worth a listen.  His older music is made more relevant because of current events while his more recent music has a maturity in both sound and subject matter. It is possible Tyler, The Creator, and other works will surprise you is you give it a serious listen with an open mind.


Negro Swan: Blood Orange’s latest tour de force

Negro Swan: Blood Orange’s latest tour de force

Artwork by Deshaun Ellis

This article is dedicated to Mac Miller.

Devonte Hynes has been on a bit of a run recently. Writing and producing hits for big artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Solange, A$AP Rocky, and Mac Miller.

With his own music, it’s no different. Recent releases such as 2016’s Freetown Sound and now in 2018 with the Black History EP and Negro Swan have been reviewed as exceptional.

Personally, I was never a huge fan of Blood Orange and not because I thought his music was bad, but because I never took time to listen to his catalogue.

See the source image

Photo: Micaiah Carter/for Vulture

But in 2016, when Freetown Sound dropped, I finally got my chance to give the catalogue serious consideration.

I had never heard anything like it.

The work is big mixture of different genres and sounds which do not come off sounding like a jumbled-up mess.

Freetown Sound conjures up 30’s jazz, 80’s breakbeats, and current dance music sounds. Within this mix rhythms inspired by the Caribbean and Jamaican islands.

Negro Swan is music more familiar. It is as if Hynes honed in on a specific sound that he was  willing to a essence of refinement.

This recording draws from a jazz ensemble, featuring smooth guitar chords, and multi-layered vocals. The instruments flow and meld so well with each other that it’s hard to tell that most of the beats were made with whatever Hynes had in the studios he rented.

The tracks often blend into each other with smooth transitions, so smooth that if you aren’t fully paying attention you might think it’s the same song playing on and on.

The best examples of this would probably be Saint into Take Your Time or Family into Charcoal Baby. Though frequent,  it isn’t annoying.

Photo: Wolfgang Tillmans/for Dazed

The instrumentation on this album is beautiful. The synth chords sound like clouds, the horns adds this vintage jazz feeling, and the drums give the songs the extra flair that makes them stay in your head all day.

The perfect example of how all of them perfectly come together is Jewelry.

I’ve listened to this album about 19 times, from beginning to end, and Jewelry sticks with me the most. The drums are sporadic and the guitar chords match them so perfectly.

The refrain at the end is the best though. “[explicit] I’m feeling myself, [explicit] I’m still in my zone.”

Yelling this is the best.

To mold this all together Hynes uses lyrics that feel significantly personal. The lyrics  eferenceabout childhood traumas and the feeling of being isolated. The lyrics take you on a journey of through Hynes’ life.

From being in grade school, getting jumped every week and having to change his appearance to avoid getting beatings, to his teenage/early 20’s trying to find how to be comfortable in his own skin and feeling like a token.

On Charcoal Baby, Hynes details how hard it is trying not to be the “odd one out”. However, it was inevitable because he was often only black person in many situations.

Issues like these are often overlooked in the black community. Not feeling accepted by your peers so you find other groups that you connect with, but you may be too much for them. So you’re left feeling alone wherever you are. Hynes speaks clearly to these issues throughout the entire album. Eventually, Hynes pulls the listener into the present where he feels he can be comfortable in his own skin and be himself. He knows he does not have to change his ways to make others comfortable.

Issues like these are often overlooked in the black community. Not feeling accepted by your peers so you find other groups that you connect with, but you may be too much for them. ”

— D. Ellis

This album is important for black youth and youth in general. When we have so many ways to feel alone and isolated, Hynes reassures us that someone else has gone through it and made it out.

If you haven’t already, please check this album out. There’s literally no bad songs on here and it’s 17 tracks! My personal favorite is Charcoal Baby. 

Three releases to add to your playlist: AstroWorld, Stay Dangerous and Swimming

Written By: Deshaun Ellis

August 3, 2018 should’ve been a day of rejoice for rap fans. Three amazing albums from three good rappers should have been released. Travis Scott, YG and Mac Miller all announced that their albums were coming out on the same day, August 3rd.

Fans all over the world were anxious to hear the new sounds as all three artists’ album rollouts were pretty good.

In the past year, Travis Scott played snippets of the new album at concerts and they sounded sounded great.

Miller released Circles, Small Worlds, Buttons, Self Care and What’s The Use?, and YG released Big Bank. All of these were received well so the albums had to be good right?

Nope. Like not even close.

The three albums were ASTROWORLD by Scott, Swimming by Miller, and STAY DANGEROUS by YG.


See the source image

Let’s start with ASTROWORLD because that’s the one I listened to first. I was very excited for this one because Travis’ sound is so all over the place and I just knew it was going to sound crazy and different.

When I started listening to it though every song started to sound the same to me and it got harder to figure out where one song ended and another began.

Especially after the second half of the album (after NC-17) the songs started to feel like fillers added at the last minute. They started to follow the same formula and got bland.

I have listened to this album all the way through 5 times now and it doesn’t get better the more times I listen to it. I was so disappointed in Travis because it felt like he was just adding songs to get more money from streaming.

There’s no reason why this album should be 17 tracks long. It really could’ve ended with NC-17 and this review would’ve looked totally different.

Overall I was just severely underwhelmed by Travis on this one because he has the potential to be consistent all the way through, but I don’t know what happened on this one.

I remember I was mad after listening to it because I was listening to Michael Jackson before and I turned it off to listen to this. Afterwards, it was like 12:30 in the morning and I decided to fit Swimming in before I passed out. Which was immediately better.


This album was definitely hyped up because of what happened to Miller months before it’s release.

Mac and his longtime girlfriend. Ariana Grande,  had recently split and we all thought it would have a significant impact on his music.

And we all were totally right.

Mac released three singles leading up to this album Buttons, Circles, and Small Worlds. These singles were a slower kind of song, but they all sounded great.

So when Swimming opened with a slower song that addressed the theme of having regrets,  it fit perfectly. This project is so consistent to me.

Mac’s flows on the rapping parts are so smooth that it just molds into the beat. The bridge on What’s the Use? is so godly with the Thundercat vocals over that synth!

The production on this project is another plus. Most of the production was handled by Miller under his Larry Fisherman pseudonym.

There are also credits for Pharrell, J.Cole, Dev Hynes, Dâm-Funk, and DJ Dahi.

I thought Swimming was Miller’s best project to date, but Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop thought differently. “Swimming is just another attempt of Miller trying to speed his way into the syrup-y alternative lane, but in the end is as fun as rush hour traffic.” Noting that the beats were boring and Miller’s vocals were weak and unappealing.

So this album is light years better than Astroworld.



See the source image

I consider myself a fairly intense consumer of music, though I have never been a big fan of YG.

However, I’ve always taken the time to give respect to his projects.

In my opinion, he is one of the few rappers who can rap about their dangerous lifestyles without actively snitching on themselves in the process.

Plus the beats he picks fit him so well it never feels like he’s trend chasing or using certain beats for more attention.

I really liked Still Brazy, so I was a bit excited for new release. This album starts off really good, but then we get to HANDGUN…this song is terrible.

It’s totally not YG’s fault. I have no clue why people keep getting A$AP Rocky for features in 2018.

Rocky has fallen off so hard, it’s crazy. He single handedly ruins this song.

All of the beats on this project make me want to G-Walk down the street. Or like blast my subwoofers out going 15 down a residential street.

Other than the cut, Handgun and the Nicki Minaj feature, this album is so solid. The only negative is his choice of who he features. One has to wonder if YG chose these or if the label forced it on him. Still, it seems he can do no wrong.

This album is feature heavy. For example: 2 Chainz, Jay 305, Ty Dolla $ign (The GOAT Vocalist), YoungBoy & Mozzy are the stronger features, but listeners could’ve done without Big Sean, Quavo, Rocky & Nicki Minaj.

All throughout the album, YG raps about consistent themes: his life, money, women, and being a blood. Rachel Aroesti of The Guardian says, “…generally, the lyrics never stray far from the basic rap triumvirate of sex, money and violence, and YG doesn’t cover his subject matter with a huge amount of wit or creativity.”

If the musicality is not enough to carry the cut for your, the lyrics of YG’s latest might leaving you wanting more. It’s a fair analysis to remind listeners YG has never promoted himself as a lyricist.

Dismissing lyricism is an thing to overlook when the beats are strong. However, when the beats don’t help the song move along the pacing of the song becomes a problem.

Summing up the latest three and most hyped-up rap albums dropped only one has left a lasting impression.


Is Internet Sensation “Walmart Yodeling Kid” Saving Country Music?

Keeping up on the trends on the internet can be daunting, but it would be difficult to miss 11-year-old kid yodeler Mason Ramsey who has become something of yodeling sensation.

The affectionately named “Walmart Yodeling Kid” became an internet sensation when a passerby just so happened to videotape the boy singing Lovesick Blues by Hank Williams Sr. inside of a local Walmart.

The video then went viral and now has over 29 million views on youtube and eventually reached its way across all social media.

Mason Ramsey performing at The Grand Ole Opry

However, this isn’t Mason Ramsey’s first performance, he has been a local sensation in his hometown in Golconda, Illinois by performing publicly since he was 3 years old.

Now Mason Ramsey has performed in front of some of the biggest crowds of his life at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California and The Ellen Degeneres Show, as well as being able to live his dream by performing at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

Recently, on Thursday, April 26, 2018, Mason Ramsey released his first original song Famous. Since the day it was published, the lyric video has acquired over 4 million views on YouTube and sparked many great reviews from the media as it being “catchy” and being “One of the only country songs I enjoy listening to”, not only that but he has also signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and Nashville-based Big Loud Records, making his dream as a country music star come to life.

Since Ramsey’s rise to fame, streaming of the original recording of Hank Williams Sr. Lovesick Blues has gone up by about 2,452% between March 26th to April 9th, according to Fader Magazine.

His recognition has shed new light on country music, what is thought to be a “dying” genre among the younger audience of music listeners.

The Ellen Show

Ramsey is also very different compared to other kid internet sensations that have been popping up like 9-year-old “Lil Tay” who is mainly popular for being disrespectful and acting out inappropriately on social media.

Mason Ramsey, however, seems to come from humble beginnings and has been working on his dream to becoming a famous country singer his whole life and that work has certainly paid off as his talent is now being recognized by millions across the globe.

Hopefully, the “Walmart Yodeling Kid” paves a new path for other young aspiring musicians to have the courage to step out and let their voices be heard.

National Month of Women Series: Cardi B Passes Beyoncé To Become First Woman With 5 Top 10 Hits

Cards B is a chart-topping female superstar checking off goals and cranking out hits becoming the first woman and only the third musical act who has  recently had five of the top 10 hits on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in a single week.

Cardi B stated on Instgram January 2, “What a great way to start my Year.Thank you Lord .Only you and i know how much i pray to you.These last few weeks been too much for me but my Lord always find a way to uplift me .Thank you to my fans ,DJS ,Team for the support .Thanks to all the artist who featured me In thesee songs and thanks guys for showing my second single BARTIER CARDI some love 😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💪🏾💪🏾I love you”

She places five singles in the top 10 Billboard charts on January 20, 2018 tying Drake and Kendrick Lamar for the most concurrent top 10s.

Drake has done it eight times (all in 2016) and Lamar has done it once in 2017.

Here’s how all 5 songs rank on the charts:
#1 Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B “Finesse” (Remix)
#3 G-Eazy featuring Cardi B “No Limit”
#4 Migos featuring Cardi B and Nicki Minaj “Motorsport”
#7 Cardi B “Bartier Cardi”
#10 Cardi B “Bodak Yellow”

Billboard’s Trevor Anderson reports that in addition to “Finesse,” Cardi B ranks in the top 10 of Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs with a featured role on G-Eazy’s “No Limit,” which slides from its No. 2 high to No. 3, “Motorsport,” a collaboration with Migos and Nicki Minaj, which retreats 3-4, “Bartier Cardi,” up 9-7 and “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)”, a non-mover at No. 10.

Cardi B is the only artist to achieve the feat with her first five chart entries. Her producer from Kansas City, Kan., helped her rise to stardom with her first hit single “Bodack Yellow (Money Moves). ” The last solo female rapper at No. 1 was Lauryn Hill in 1998 with “Doo Wop (That Thing).”

While Cardi B and Beyoncé have different music styles and flows, Beyoncé has more experience with music and different styles because she’s older ( Beyoncé is 36) and Cardi B is younger and still learning her way (Cardi B is 25). Her stardom started with her on a popular show called “Love and Hip Hop New York” and it also helped that her fiancé, Offset, featured her in some of his songs (i.e. Motorsport). Cardi B is from the Bronx, New York so her music style is more hardcore rap and unfiltered while Beyoncé is from Houston, Texas so her style is more versatile.

Cardi B was worth $600,000 at the start of September 2017. However following the success of ‘Bodak Yellow’, that figure has reportedly risen to $4 million, however, Beyonce is worth over $350 million.

The Soundcloud Epidemic: The Revolutionary Music Platform of the Decade?

In the year of 2017-2018, millennials are  familiar with the app SoundCloud and the artists who use it to promote their music. One genre that has used SoundCloud with great success is Rap.

SoundCloud is a platform created for artists to publish their music in easy to access by the public audio form. SoundCloud is globally used by at least 175 million users a month which makes it very convenient for new artists to publish their music out into the world to start their newfound careers in the music industry.

It is described on the SoundCloud.com website “as the world’s largest music and audio platform, SoundCloud lets people discover and enjoy the greatest selection of music from the most diverse creator community on earth.”

Since 2008, users of the platform have posted podcasts, shared live audio recordings, allowed creators to collaborate via an open  and free platform.

Often thought of as a platform used only for new artists, it has been widely used by well known artists for almost ten years as marketing tool to gain feedback from fans on a variety tracks. SoundCloud as an “open platform that directly connects creators and their fans across the globe. Music and audio creators use SoundCloud to both share and monetize their content with a global audience, as well as receive detailed stats and feedback from the SoundCloud community.”

Rappers like XXXTENTACION, Lil skies, and Trippie Redd as well as producers such as Fifty Grand, SwuM, and Hellion along with almost 10 million other music creators used Soundcloud as a platform to broadcast their music to the public, and have become very successful with thousands, even millions of listens on their songs.

Recently, the Hillsboro Globe chatted with a variety of Soundcloud  users to ask them about what makes it so appealing and popular to rappers and producers.

Andrew Smith finds rappers on SoundCloud are not held back by label restrictions and have the freedom to produce exactly what they intend to produce. “Soundcloud rappers go hard. Some artists only put their music on SoundCloud”. The cost of working with label producers prohibits some artists from being able to even getting their music to their fans. “Also, its free for users, as well as a platform for artists to easily put their music out for streaming.” explained Smith.

Listener Nikko Gray appreciates money does not get in they way of producing the art. “It’s different, it’s not all about getting money, or the girls. It’s about the real things from anime to hard times.” Because the platform is an audio only platform, the audience is focused on the words and music as opposed to the visuals of a video.

With so many of these new artists emerging from this platform into fame, it gives aspiring artists hope for their own careers in the music industry. Aspiring producers who use SoundCloud as a platform to publish their music listen to find new and emerging artists. “People think that listening to stuff that’s “underground” is cool because they want to be the first ones to discover new musicians to brag about it, or maybe to show other people their findings hoping that person gets bigger someday.” explains Emily Dueease. Making connections early in a career with new fans is a prime benefit for SoundCloud users.

While it is easy for artists to publish work, it can be easy for artists have work stolen. “Some downsides are how easy it is to rip music off SoundCloud and publish it on your own, as your own. The other problem is that now with the SoundCloud go, a lot of people use it to listen to popular artists, and not emerging artists which is how the site was formed.” states Charles Moles of Dirt Party.

Artist and producer Ajani Bakari of BoyfriendAntichrist agrees that making connections with new fans is a specific benefit unique to the platform. “It’s really beneficial because of how you can be broadcasted to the whole world of people who appreciate music while making connections with others who share similar visions to yours.”

In the past, record labels and radio controlled what fans of specific music genres heard. If the subject matter of the music was deemed too controversial, the label or radio station could refuse to play or publish an artist’s work. As recently as the last three years, artists with as much power as Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift have battled their own labels and music streaming platforms in the court to play the music as they created it, not as the label executives think it should be released.

SoundCloud has changed the game and bypasses even streaming platforms by allowing artists to post their work and allow fans to find them.

Charles Moles of Dirt Party sums it up well. “I think SoundCloud is one of the best ways to independently release music because of how easy it is. You can connect with a large community just by making an account. Also, the process of posting a track is painless.”

South African jazz musician and anti-apartheid activist Hugh Masekela dies at 78

Johannesburg – South Africans and music fans across the world are mourning the passing of the legendary jazz musician and anti-apartheid activist, Hugh Masekela, who died on Tuesday aged 78.

Masekela is perhaps most famously known for his trumpet performance of the seminal work, “Grazin’ in the Grass.” However, it is his antiapartheid works such as his tribute to Nelson Mandela that are mentioned in his interviews.

Bring Him Back Home (Nelson Mandel) Hugh Masekela

Beginning his training on piano at age six, Masekela moved to the brass instruments trumpet and flugelhorn. His style of jazz was a combination of  South African rhythms and contemporary jazz formats. As a young boy of 14, he was constantly in trouble. However, Masekela had wanted a trumpet, he said, after seeing the 1950 film Young Man With a Horn, and recalled that he told the priest: “If I can get a trumpet I won’t bother anyone one any more.”

Exiled from his country for 30 years, he was also a powerful singer and songwriter and an angry political voice, using his music and live performances to attack the apartheid regime that had banished him from his homeland. He survived the massacre of Sharpeville and left the embroiled, violent country of Botswana for New York, where he was helped by the musician and activist Harry Belafonte.

Masekela enrolled at the Manhattan School of Music and immersed himself in the city’s jazz scene, learning from jazz greats Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Thelonius Monk.

Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong advised him to develop his distinctive style by utilizing his African roots and in 1963 he released his debut album, Trumpet African.

Masekela died from a prolonged battle with prostate cancer. He last performed in 2010 in Johannesburg, where he passed on Tuesday, January, 22, 2018





Eminem, The Killers, Muse lead lineup for Bonnaroo Festival

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Eminem, The Killers, Muse, Future, Bassnectar and Sturgill Simpson lead the lineup for this year’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Superfly and A.C. Entertainment are proud to unveil the initial artist lineup for the 2017 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. This year’s edition of the world- renowned four-day multi-stage camping festival will showcase over 100 artists, headlined by Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, and, in an exclusive first-ever headline performance, U2 performing a set that will include the career-defining 1987 release The Joshua Tree in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the classic album.

The complete lineup is below. The 2017 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival will take place June 8 – 11, held as always at Great Stage Park (aka “The Farm”), the spectacular 700-acre farm and event space located just 60 miles south of Nashville in Manchester, TN. Tickets – including General Admission, VIP, and the brand new Platinum Pass – are on sale now, exclusively via www.bonnaroo.com .

The 2017 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival will once again feature the wide-ranging scope of diverse artistry that fans have come to expect, with a spectacular array of musicians, bands, and comedians performing around the clock across 13 unique stages over the four-day event. For complete details and regular news updates, please visit www.bonnaroo.com.

The Bonnaroo era began in 2002, immediately decreed by Rolling Stone as one of the “50 Moments That Changed The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Each year since has seen the annual event consistently expanding the parameters of what a music festival can offer in the 21s t century. America’s only major round-the-clock music festival, Bonnaroo presents fans with a seemingly infinite number of options, from the silent disco to its 5k race and yoga classes. Innumerable artisans and high quality craft vendors can be also found, along with an innovative food and drink lineup.

2016 saw the grand opening of more than 400 permanent toilets and hundreds of permanent shower stalls and water filling stations, all made possible by Great Stage Park’s investment in its own devoted water line, to provide Bonnaroovians with a more enhanced festival experience.

What’s more, Bonnaroo’s renowned Comedy Theatre has hosted countless superstars as well as comedians long before they became household names, including unforgettable appearances from Judd Apatow, Amy Schumer, Zach Galifianakis, Marc Maron, Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, Chris Rock, Nick Kroll, Conan O’Brien, David Cross, Tig Notaro, Hannibal Buress, Daniel Tosh, Donald Glover, John Oliver, Adam Devine, Reggie Watts, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, Bridget Everett and others.

Many of these stars come back just to visit and enjoy the unique Bonnaroo experience that often times results in memorable collaborations, like when Galifianakis dropped in with friend Jon Hamm to perform in the Comedy theatre and in the SuperJam, or when Bob Saget was joined by TV brother-in-law and real-life best friend John Stamos, or when Apatow brought along Kevin Nealon and then Eddie Vedder dropped in to sing an original song with him. As with all things Bonnaroo, expect the unexpected at the Comedy Theatre. The 2017 comedy lineup will be announced soon.

The Bonnaroo Cinema experience has grown into an important showcase for contemporary independent films and filmmakers, each year offering an eclectic schedule of world premieres, major music documentaries, cult classics, and much more. Bonnaroo’s seated, air-conditioned cinema also hosts an A-list array of one-of-a-kind happenings, spanning director spotlights, interactive screenings, live film scoring, and high energy Q&A sessions with special guest artists and actors.

In this July 20, 2015, file photo, Rapper Eminem attends the premiere of “Southpaw” in New York. Eminem, The Killers, Muse, Future, Bassnectar and Sturgill Simpson lead the lineup for the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this June in Tennessee. The festival announced on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018, their lineup for the music festival in Manchester, June 7 -10. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

Bonnaroo is a truly global event, with tickets purchased in all 50 U.S. states and over 40 countries around the world. As one of the planet’s foremost musical events, Bonnaroo has drawn major mainstream attention and critical applause each and every year. “For 15 years, Bonnaroo has lured festival-goers from all corners of the country with a unique mix of positive vibes, good food and great music,” raved Rolling Stone in its annual “25 Best Things We Saw At Bonnaroo” wrap-up last year. “Bonnaroo creates the closest thing we have to the spirit of Woodstock,” explained Consequence of Sound, “with a contemporary utopian twist where the jocks and the hippies get along, where the young and old can play together without ever getting caught up in preconceived opinions.” “Bonnaroo 2016 marked yet another stride forward,” wrote T he Line of Best Fit, “as the festival continues to hit upon the perfect cross section of conservation and taking care of attendees…Bonnaroo is, at the end of the day, one of the best, most unique music festivals in the country.”

The 2016 Bonnaroo “was surely one for the books,” declared Vibe, “memorable, momentous and unreal, bringing together the likes of hip-hop heavyweights, appealing alt acts, R&B’s newest vanguards, genre-bending DJ’s and much more that kept festival-goers jamming ’til sunrise.” Perhaps Paste summed it up best: “There’s a feeling of camaraderie amongst attendees here that you rarely find anywhere else — it’s why we brave the heat and the elements every year and keep coming back, to see music we love with people who feel just as passionate as we do. Here’s to the next 15 years.”

Bonnaroo is indeed proud to be one of America’s most environmentally friendly festivals, the only major event in the world with its own permanent solar array and compost waste on site. The festival also works with a team of 100% volunteers who collect food from its vendors and on-site caterers to donate over 20,000 LBS of food to a local food bank who feeds families in need, senior citizens and other members of the local community. Since its very first day, Bonnaroo has been diligent in its pursuit of true sustainability. The festival has twice been recognized by the state of Tennessee, winning the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award as well as the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Pursuit of Excellence Award. Complete details, as well as Bonnaroo’s annual report to the fans, can be found at www.bonnaroo.com/experience/sustainability .

In addition, 2009 saw the formal establishment of the Bonnaroo Works Fund, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, serving as the philanthropic division of Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. The mission of the Bonnaroo Works Fund (BWF) is to support local, regional and national organizations that advance arts, education, and environmental sustainability. Since the inception of the festival in 2002, more than $7 million in support has been generated, largely benefiting Manchester, TN, Coffee County and surrounding areas. A few of the national organizations that have provided local and regional support include First Book, Notes For Notes, Little Kids Rock and Music For Relief – along with nearly 100 others. For more, please visit http://www.bonnarooworksfund.org . Bonnaroo Works Fund is administered by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

For more, please see www.bonnaroo.com .

The festival announced its lineup on Tuesday for the music festival to be held June 7-10 in Manchester, about 65 miles southeast of Nashville, Tennessee. Other artists include Bon Iver, Khalid, Kaskade, Paramore, Alt-J, Dua Lipa and Sheryl Crow.


Attention all Chiptune music makers! Sunvox, a free pattern-based sequencer, could be a potential online music tracker for you!


Sunvox is a small, modular synthesizer and free pattern-based sequencer that can be used by anyone who wants to compose music anywhere. With the latest developer release being Nov. 4 2016, the platform is still not fully complete; however, it has a lot to offer. From smooth interface interactions to various modules and music composing styles, Sunvox has the potential to be better than the common free music tracker.


From personal use, there are many possibilities as well as drawbacks to using this software.

Good factors:

  • Mobile (IOS, ANDROID)
  • Hybrid music tracker with modern modules


  • Ease of use
  • Uses a music tracker

User rating

From personal experience, it takes time to become acclimated with the advantages and disadvantages with this software. If you are new to making music then I suggest watching a Youtuber called SolarLune who has a playlist of tutorials that explain modules, effects, and simply how to go about using this software. A link of his tutorial playlist is listed above. 

This software caters to chip tune or 8-bit music makers out there. In the top left is a music tracker which you insert your various notes. One disadvantage is designating actual intervals for your notes. For example, a 4 by 4 time signature is 4 bars in one measure. Instead of a 4 bar measure, it takes a gap of 2 sequence lines to create a quarter note, 1 for an eighth note, and no spacing for a 16th note. In chip tune music context, this may be more of an advantage because of the effects that can be added to each note.

Nonetheless, this is a good starting software for chiptune makers. I highly recommend trying it out. It has a learning curve for newer makers, but with a little experience it’ll be worth it for the future.