Fans react to Brie Larson’s female Captain Marvel!

Captain Marvel, Marvel’s newest, female-led superhero movie, has officially broken records. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it had the highest-grossing weekend for a female-fronted movie ever.

The movie, which stars Brie Larson as the Captain Marvel character, has earned $455 million worldwide in its International Women’s Day opening weekend—$153 million of that in North America alone.

“Marvel Studios once again proves that stories combining diverse perspectives and different experiences make great movies that play to everybody. People crave representation,” says Disney distribution chief Cathleen Taff.

However, the movie has failed many fans who are die-hard Marvel fans. The movie was intentionally released on National Women’s Day since it was the first female lead as a stand-alone super hero of the  Marvel film franchise. Despite the record setting opening, the reviews, many written by men, have not been complimentary.

Publicity photo of Brie Larson in Captain America – courtesy of Universal Pictures.

The movie came out earlier this month, yet it is the most controversial Marvel movie yet.

It’s audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes is the lowest a Marvel movie has ever gotten, a 34%, which has been raised to a 62% recently. It is hard to say it is the quality of the movie, the audience reaction to a female lead or a combination of both that has led to the low ratings.

Another reason the movie may have had a poor opening is the political stance Brie Larson has taken from a personal stand point, and fans are unable to separate her personal beliefs from her character in a Marvel film. Before the movie released, the rating of people wanting to see the movie on Rotten Tomatoes has dropped severely.

“We don’t know what’s gonna happen — how the movie’s gonna be or how the movie will be received,” Brie Larson, who plays the Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, explained on the set to Forbes magazine. “It’s not worth it to build it up into anything other than this is the same thing that I’ve always been doing, [making a movie]. I just like the process. My favorite part is the making. And then the rest of it isn’t really up to me.”


As far as the movie is, I would recommend to not get attached before seeing it. It’s honestly a pretty mediocre movie, but I hope you enjoy it if you do decide to watch.


Get Out! Jordan Peele has his second blockbuster hit, US earned 10 Million in first weekend

Image result for jordan peele mprJordan Peele has done it again.

Two years after the filmmaker’s “Get Out” became a box-office sensation, his frightening follow-up, “Us,” debuted with $70.3 million in ticket sales, according to studio estimates Sunday.

Jordan Peele is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director. He has been actively involved in the entertainment industry since 2002. He was first known for his role on MADtv , which he participated with for 5 seasons , he completed a total of 94 episodes. He is best known for his role in the Comedy Central Sketch series Key & Peele , which he was apart of from 2012 to 2015. He attended Sarah Lawrence College in 2001 and is now married to comedian Chelsea Peretti.

“Peele has really crafted an extraordinary story that I think once again is going to capture the cultural zeitgeist,” said Jim Orr, distribution chief for Universal. “He is recognized as just an amazing talent. He crafts films that make you think, that are extraordinarily well-acted, well-written and are amazingly entertaining.”

“Us” took over the top spot at the box office from “Captain Marvel,” which had reigned for two weeks. The Marvel Studios superhero release slid to second place with $35 million in its third week. In three weeks of release, it’s made $910 million worldwide, and will soon become the first $1 billion release of 2019.

In 2017,  Peele’s first solo film as a director was considered , Get Out , was released to the world. The film received lots of good praise , getting a score of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. “Get Out proved to be popular with movie audiences, and it eventually became one of the most profitable horror films, and films of 2017, and grossed over $255 million on a budget of $4.5 million.” At the 90th Academy Awards Peele won the award for ” Best Original Screenplay” and becoming the first black writer to win in his category. The movie was definitely something different from the typical horror movies that are out now.

The opening, well above forecasts, had few parallels. It was the largest debut for an original horror film (only the “It” remake and last year’s “Halloween” have surpassed it in the genre) and one of the highest openings for a live-action original film since “Avatar” was released 10 years ago.

In today’s franchise-driven movie world, seldom has a young director been such a draw. But moviegoers turned out in droves to see what kind of freak-out Peele could muster in his sophomore release.

“Us,” Jordan Peele’s highly anticipated horror film about a family terrorized by their doppelgangers, opened to the tune of $70 million at the box office this weekend.” The movie “Us” was released March 21 , 2019 and was one just from the previews had many people curious to see. Jordan Peele yet again mad a movie that made you think and left the audience asking questions. He has a very creative mind and outlook to have came up with the concept of humans doppelgangers killing us off out of anger and being mistreated for many years. These two movies are only the beginning of Peele’s career and I’m anxious to come out with in the future.


Movie Reviews of Recently Released Movies you might have missed during Winter Break

It’s the beginning of a new year and the Hillsboro Globe Entertainment Editors have made a few suggestions of movies our readers might want to see. Depending on your taste in genres, this article may help you out!

Official Movie Trailor

If you’re into superhero movies, you’re in for a treat! Superhero movies are types of movies that have a story revolving around a heroic character.Out on December 12 is Once Upon a Deadpool, this movie is the second Deadpool movie but with a pg-13 rating, unlike the usual rated R.

For those who had already watched DP 2, this is a chance to see it again with the kids. That’s not all, Ryan Reynolds has agreed to do a pg-13 movie on the conditions that a portion of the proceeds had to go to charity and he was allowed to kidnap Fred Savage. Watching this movie would do some good since some of the money will go to the charity organization Fudge Cancer

Two days after that on December 14 was the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. The story is about a different Spider-Man, Miles Morales, as he meets the iconic Spider-Man Peter Parker as well as other Spider-Men from other dimensions.

On December 21, Aquaman and Bumblebee hit the big screen. Aquaman is about DC Comic’s iconic king of Atlantis as he ascends the throne and attempts to end a war before it begins. Bumblebee is about the popular Transformers character that lands on Earth after escaping his war-torn planet Cybertron. Some of you may be happy to know that Michael Bay is not directing Bumblebee.

Official trailer

If you’re a person that loves drama, here’s what’s you can see. A drama is a serious presentations or stories with settings or life situations that portray realistic characters in conflict with either themselves, others, or forces of nature. . On December 5, Tyrel and The Charmer. Tyrel is about a black man named Tyler goes with his friends to a drinking party and meets people he never met before, afterwards the party feels like a nightmare. The Charmer is about a young Iranian man that is desperately looking for a woman to secure his stay in Denmark. Coming out on December 7 is Mary Queen of Scots. The movie is about the historical figure Mary Stuart and Queen Elizabeth I as they take rule of England and Scotland.

The last genre on this article will be comedy, the genre everyone loves. Comedy is the genre that’s solely based on humor. The only movie I will talk about will be Holmes and Watson. This is about the story of the greatest detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner John Watson. This movie takes a comedic spin on the two starring Will Ferrell as Sherlock Holmes and John C Reilly as John Watson.

Which ever movie you decide to watch, I hope you enjoy it!

Comic book titan Stan Lee has fallen

The comic book titan, Stan Lee, has died on the morning of Monday November 12, 2018. Lee was 95 years old when he died. It became easy, in recent years, to dismiss him as the wisecracking grandpa of the American comic book, a past-his-prime gimmick who cameoed alongside Earth’s angst-filled superheroes in the high-grossing Marvel blockbusters of the past decade.

But Stan Lee, who died Monday, was far more than that. It’s no stretch to say that he helped redraw the world of American fiction. And he certainly made sure everyone knew it.

In the late 1950s, Lee was assigned to create his own cast of superheroes as a response to DC Comics’ newfound success. Together with Jack Kirby, Lee co-created the Fantastic Four, the first heroes of Marvel created by Lee.

Their first heroes had gotten immediate popularity and this was the start of Marvel Comics’ booming success. This led Lee and Marvel’s illustrators to produce even more characters. With the help of Kirby, they created the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and the X-Men. Later on, he co-created Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and Marvel’s most successful character Spider-Man.

“None of us is all that different from each other. We all want essentially the same things outta life,” Lee wrote in the pages of Marvel Comics in February 1980. “So why don’t we all stop wasting time hating the ‘other’ guys. Just look in the mirror, mister — that other guy is you.””

Unlike DC Comics’ iconic heroes, many of whom had been destined for greatness as the last sons of doomed planets, Amazon royalty or rightful kings of the sea, the likes of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Ghost Rider and the Incredible Hulk composed a catalog of human frailties — schmoes who inadvertently, or negligently, wandered into the traffic of destiny.

This was in no small measure due to Lee, who as Marvel’s editor-in-chief wrote many of the books himself during comics’ “Silver Age” years of the early 1960s. With seemingly boundless energy and a staggering variety of voices, he breathed personality, ambiguity and a common narrative into soon-to-be-beloved characters.

In this July 21, 2011, file photo, Stan Lee poses for a portrait at the LMT Music Lodge during Comic Con in San Diego. A small, private funeral has been held to mourn Marvel Comics mogul Stan Lee, who died Monday at age 95, and his company is making more plans to memorialize him

As the years go by, Lee became the face of Marvel. He cameoed in most of the Marvel movies so far, even the ones that came out in the 1980s. Fans loved the cameos mainly because they were comedic based and showed the star of Marvel, everyone loved and looked forward to them.

It’s hard to overestimate how groundbreaking this philosophy was in a nation that, with a tone set by production-code Hollywood since the early 1930s, had spent three decades positioning largely unambiguous heroes at the center of its rising mass culture. Add government efforts in the 1950s to demonize comics as the mind-decayers of America’s youth, and to push publishers back toward pablum, and you’ll have some idea what Lee accomplished at the beginning of the 1960s.

Because, as Stan Lee knew well before America did, we still want our fantastic, unlikely superheroes to be just like us.

Or, more saliently, we want to believe that we can be just like them.Lee was an inspiration to many people.

His works were loved by many and those who were inspired tried to be like him by making their own cast of superheroes or drawing fan art of Lee’s own.


“Slender Man” movie review

Nothing brings on fear like the story missing people from a small town in Massachusetts.In the movie, Slender Man, a group of friends who were fascinated the story perpetuated by the internet,  set out to prove that the story is nothing more than myth. Slender Man was released on August 10 of this year.

The movie is based on the 2012 video game about a tall, thin creepy,pasty character. Slender Man was once a popular meme on the internet that lost its popularity over the years.

Those who enjoyed the Slender Man memes, were excited for the movie. Unfortunately, the movie was terrible.

The story is about four friends that made a very stupid decision of summoning the Slender Man; afterwards, they are haunted by the creepy character.

The movie is filled with cliche scary and pointless scenes and was obviously a rip off of “The Ring”.  The main actress, Julia Golden Telles who plays Wren  deserves better direction and supporting performances. She is overwhelming let down by director Sylvain White.

The characters, Wren, Hallie and Chloe, acted as if they barely had a personality, they were like empty shells.

This can only be blamed on the writers, David Birke and Victor Surge,  and the director, White. The story and characters are not even saved by interesting camera work.


As a response to this terrible film, reviewers across the country have spoken out about how bad this film is. “The problem with Slender Man is that it’s simply not a good movie… There was a chance here to make a truly frightening film about a popular urban legend, but it comes too late and marked by too much tragedy for it to work” Kate Gardener (Rotten Tomatoes).

The Globe agrees with John Defore’s assessment “These competent actresses deserve actual characters to play, but Birke’s screenplay is as devoid of personality as the faceless cipher stalking its heroes.”

Don’t waste your money on a movie like this, it isn’t worth the price of the ticket.

Directed by

Sylvain White

Writing Credits

David Birke (written by)
Victor Surge (based on a character by)


Joey King Wren
Julia Goldani Telles Julia Goldani Telles Hallie
Jaz Sinclair Jaz Sinclair Chloe
Annalise Basso Annalise Basso Katie
Alex Fitzalan Alex Fitzalan Tom
Taylor Richardson Taylor Richardson Lizzie
Javier Botet Javier Botet Slender Man

‘Black Panther’ Breaks Past Half Billion; on track to upset Star Wars records

Blockbuster hit, Black Panther, breaks box office records in its opening week. Disney-Marvel’s record-breaking “Black Panther” will retain the top spot at the box office in its third weekend, taking in nearly $64 million from 4,084 North American locations.

“Black Panther” has smashed record after record for Marvel, including yielding the fifth-highest opening weekend and second-highest second weekend of all time.””

— Variety magazine - 2/27/18

The movie had around a 200 million dollar budget and has already soared way past this mark and is turning a profit.

Black Panther is about new king T’Challa trying to find ways to find peace with the death of his father while at the same time trying to lead a kingdom. Along the way, he is challenged by his enemy, Killmonger, for his throne.

Killmonger’s whole plan is to overthrow T’Challa.

Killmonger was left behind in the U.S. when his father was killed by T’Challa’s dad and wanted to rightfully challenge T’Challa kind of as revenge and to carry out his plan to open up Wakanda to the world and share the great powers of vibranium to help oppressed people fight back and gain freedom.
With that being said, how was the movie actually?
Some movies you are excited to see end up being flops because they were so hyped up, Black Panther was just the opposite.
Black Panther is filled with new and old faces which makes the movie fresh but accessible.

Returning to the screen is of course Chadwick Boseman, who plays Black Panther, Lupita Wyong’o who played in 12 Years A Slave, and Michael B. Jordan who has played in two other films directed by Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther. Some of the newer faces include: Winston Duke who played M’Baku and Letitia Wright who played Shuri, T’Challa’s half sister.

Even Though it was a highly anticipated movie, it is nowhere near a flop. Just from looking at the trailer I could tell it would do well and it’s doing more than well in the box office. Another reason this movie is considered one of Marvel’s greatest movies is because it really something new. Yes, there have been other black superheroes, but this movie is touching so many people.

I was able to see the movie on the with my family. I was so anxious to see it and excited. I really cannot say anything bad about the movie, except that I wish there was more songs from the soundtrack playing during the movie.

What I liked most was all the action and surprises.  I am not a fan of the Marvel Comic books, but the success of the movie relies on more than a movie goers love  of the Marvel comics.

And yet, I find myself like so many others, I find myself diving  into the Marvel universe.

Many newcomers to the Marvel universe don’t know about the surprises at the end of the movie it is worth staying to see the two extra clips at the end of the credits.




Over The Garden Wall – A perfect seasonal show to jump start your fall line up

“Led through the mist by the milk-light of moon
All that was lost is revealed
Our long bygone burdens, mere echoes of the spring
But where have we come, and where shall we end?
If dreams can’t come true, then why not pretend?”  – Into the Unknown

Over The Garden Wall is a 10 part, animated miniseries created by Patrick McHale, which first aired on Cartoon Network, November 3rd, 2014. The show follows two young boys, Wirt and Gregory, as they search for a way home in a mysterious forest called the Unknown, which seems to have bizarre characters and an endless amount of strange happenings. Along the way, they are helped by a talking bluebird named Beatrice and are stalked by a shadowy creature known only as “The Beast”.

The fall-themed show is perfect for the weather and for Halloween being so close. With characters who have pumpkin bodies, to witches, and to beasts, it’s a must see to get you in the mood of the season.

It was envisioned in 2004 and finally pitched in 2006, coming to life in 2014. Patrick McHale, the creator, also worked on well known Cartoon Network shows such as “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack” and “Adventure Time”. McHale’s creative works intrigued Cartoon Network, who showed an interest in a pilot. Therefore, “Over The Garden Wall” was born.

This miniseries  full of adventure, relatable and loveable characters, mystery, and moral dilemmas, which has received critical acclaim from numerous television critics.

The search for home, the battle with perseverance, and the struggle to keep up hope are things that most of us know all too well. However, this time, they’re masked in the form of a cartoon, which teaches the viewers that overcoming the struggle is possible, as long as you keep up a fight.

I asked Jack Reddick-Cole, a senior at Hillsboro High School a few questions about the show to see what he thought.

HG: “What intrigued you most about the show?”

JRC: “The story of it is really intriguing because you want to learn how they got to where they got and what all the weird stuff that’s happening to them is about. The characters are also interesting, especially because of the way the older brother talks.”

HG: “Would you recommend the show and why?”

A: “I’d recommend it to anyone who likes more experimental stories and animation, or the other stuff Patrick McHale has worked on.”

You can stream, Over the Garden Wall  from Cartoon Network or Hulu or get it on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon. A DVD featuring creator commentary, a Music only track, and the pilot was released on September 8th, 2015. And, rarely, you can catch it on television.In 2015, the series won both a Rueben Award and an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.



Escape to a music lover’s paradise – check out the Great Escape

On Saturday, September 23, 2017, the Great Escape located in Madison had a free goods day, where they had a big celebration for the stores fortieth anniversary.

Hitting forty years of business is a big deal to the company, which wanted to celebrate with all their customers, who’ve helped support them and have stuck with them through the years.

As part of the celebration, there was an outside area where each person could get up to five free items, which were all of good quality. Select items in the store were also heavily discounted, with select items being up to forty percent off.

As a bargain music store and a collector’s paradise, people came from all over the place to check out what was going on, and by the end of the day, it had been one of the busiest they’d ever had.. They have thousands & thousands of used items in “like new” condition that cost a fraction of what you’d pay for them new,  plus, they are loaded with the best selection of out-of-print collector’s items in the mid-south!

The Great Escape is a place where people can come with their passions. It’s a place where they can go to be free of judgement and to meet people that share their interests. These people have helped make the store what it is today.

The first Great Escape was established in 1977 when Gary Walker, the owner, opened up his first store. Since then, the company has grown to have multiple stores, and has grown from just dealing with comics and collectibles to dealing with a wide variety of music, anime, video games, electronics, and more.

The store and the customers have grown into a family throughout the years, helping The Great Escape to thrive for forty years. The company is thankful to have been a part around this long, and to have impacted so many people’s lives.


Choose kindness and perhaps be propelled to greatness

“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.” are prophetic words found in the first novel Wonder by author R. J. Palacio. This wonderfully told story weaves the reader through the inspiring fifth grader August Pullman’s first year experience attending a “regular” school.

August or Auggie, is boy who face is is different and both the book and the movie highlight the courage and strength a boy so young must have to endure twenty plus surgeries just to be able to breathe, see, and hear. None of these surgeries enable him to be “regular”  or ordinary a typical goal for a fifth grader in an ordinary school. Aggie’s desire is to look like everyone around him. However, beginning on the first day, he has to wear a helmut as big as an astronaut’s. It hardly allows him to hide with the other ordinary students.

Auggie is a hero to root for, a diamond in the rough who proves that you can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.”

— Slate Editor, Emily Bbazelon

People stared and were talking bad of him. His facial features may make him different from others but they want Auggie to know that it’s okay to be different. After a while, Auggie ends up making friends. “I really wanted to be a part of this message,” he says of the film which tackles hard school yard subjects such as bullying. “I thought by doing this role I would really help change the world.” Tremblay says.

The book and the movie address the issues of mean talk, bullying, and what it means to be the same different at school. In a unique approach, the book asks the reader to look to the inside of one’s self to determine if we are all the same or if we all all individuals. It will be interesting to see how the movie handles this theme.

The movie is directed by film director Stephen Chbosky. Ten-year-old, Jacob Tremblay plays Auggie in WONDER. His parents are played by Julia Roberts as his mother and Owen Wilson as his father.

The set release date for the upcoming movie is November 17th , 2017. The movie will be in all USA theaters.