Attention all Chiptune music makers! Sunvox, a free pattern-based sequencer, could be a potential online music tracker for you!

Check out the Tutorial #1 to get started on SunVox


Sunvox is a small, modular synthesizer and free pattern-based sequencer that can be used by anyone who wants to compose music anywhere. With the latest developer release being Nov. 4 2016, the platform is still not fully complete; however, it has a lot to offer. From smooth interface interactions to various modules and music composing styles, Sunvox has the potential to be better than the common free music tracker.


From personal use, there are many possibilities as well as drawbacks to using this software.

Good factors:

  • Mobile (IOS, ANDROID)
  • Hybrid music tracker with modern modules


  • Ease of use
  • Uses a music tracker

User rating

From personal experience, it takes time to become acclimated with the advantages and disadvantages with this software. If you are new to making music then I suggest watching a Youtuber called SolarLune who has a playlist of tutorials that explain modules, effects, and simply how to go about using this software. A link of his tutorial playlist is listed above. 

This software caters to chip tune or 8-bit music makers out there. In the top left is a music tracker which you insert your various notes. One disadvantage is designating actual intervals for your notes. For example, a 4 by 4 time signature is 4 bars in one measure. Instead of a 4 bar measure, it takes a gap of 2 sequence lines to create a quarter note, 1 for an eighth note, and no spacing for a 16th note. In chip tune music context, this may be more of an advantage because of the effects that can be added to each note.

Nonetheless, this is a good starting software for chiptune makers. I highly recommend trying it out. It has a learning curve for newer makers, but with a little experience it’ll be worth it for the future.